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Reddit User Finds $4.2m of ‘Forgotten’ Bitcoins At Grandpa’s House

 Reddit User Finds $4.2m of ‘Forgotten’ Bitcoins At Grandpa’s House

An anonymous Reddit user has taken to the social platform to share their story of finding old bitcoin that they purchased over 8 years ago while visiting their grandpa, claiming that they then realised that they had 127 bitcoins saved that were previously intended for purchasing in-game currency on Dark Orbit online game.

Explaining how they had visited their grandpa and was looking through and old Dell PC that they used to play the game on while visiting them, they discovered that they had a wallet on the computer which contained 127 bitcoin that they had bought almost a decade ago.

The recent price pump of Bitcoin meant that the forgotten bitcoins were now significantly higher in value and as they were no longer playing the game, they turned their attention to selling the digital cryptocurrency at its new pricing point.

Selling their forgotten haul on January 3rd, the user revealed that they had to make use of a variety of exchanges in order to work around the daily sale limits as they successfully sold their 127 bitcoins for a little over $4.2 million.

Reddit User Finds 127 Old Bitcoins at Grandpa's House – Pockets Over $4 Million After Selling

While the story made good reading, many were asking whether the story was in fact true, the user has uploaded a picture of his checking account containing $4,241,052.89 to prove that they were telling the truth.

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