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Miner Moves 1,000 BTC A Decade After Claiming Reward

 Miner Moves 1,000 BTC A Decade After Claiming Reward

At a time when illiquid bitcoin has reached an all-time high, it seems that a mystery miner has awoken his rewards from mining over ten years ago as they sent 1,000 bitcoins worth up to $39 million to another wallet that they own.

According to reports, the miner sent 20 block rewards that were gained back in 2010 which held roughly 1,000 BTC and was moved on the 12-year anniversary of the digital currency on January 3rd 2021.

The date seemed to prove to be the awakening of bitcoin holders that were holding coins in a dormant manner, with an increased activity of miners and investors checking back into their holdings and potentially moving them into wallets that fit better with where they are currently monitoring the cryptocurrency market more recently.

Looking at the statistics of the blockchain, the holding had 999.999BTC and that number was then sent to multiple addresses and like many that have transferred their mining rewards, the balance was sent to accounts in 10 BTC amounts.

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