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Bitcoin Dip Is Calm Before the Storm

 Bitcoin Dip Is Calm Before the Storm

Bitcoin has been a dump that has retail investors panicking about their holdings, with many looking to take their losses and pull their money out of the cryptocurrency that has been at the forefront of widespread coverage for the past couple of months.

Referred to as ‘digital gold’ and offering a level of protection against hyperinflation, Bitcoin has become a more widely adopted investment asset and more recently has attracted largescale institutional investment, with large numbers of bitcoin being bought and removed from exchanges as the prices continued to rally through previous record highs.

Having reached over $40,000 at the start of a bullish market, a dump within the market was almost certain to happen as early adopters take their profits as they wait the cycle to provide lower re-entry points for those same investors.

The scale of the dump does have ‘young money’ or later adopters panicking about their investments right now, however a look at the history of the cryptocurrency seems to highlight that this could well be the start of a new rally that is set to shock the world and meet expectations of the most bullish supporters of the digital coin.

The graph shows the historic dumps and price drops that come with the volatility of the market and while many claim that this is the top of the market for the coin, those that believe that BTC moves in cycles are looking at holding their investment for the next big movement that is anticipated.

We are certainly digging our heels in and holding our portfolio, picking up additional bitcoin shares alongside other alt coins that move closely with BTC prices, such as these 4 alt coins that we predict could help to enhance your returns.

Strap in, this could be a very interesting few weeks ahead.  

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