Privacy Policy

At Crypto Caterpillar we treat all information, no matter how personal, with the upmost respect and security, ensuring that we have created a website that puts your privacy at the forefront of our mission to not only protect you from false information in the cryptocurrency market but also to ensure that you personal information is never asked for without good reason.

We have spent months working on ways that we can limit the requirement for any of our readers to provide potential personal information to us and that means that we will never ask you for any information relating to crypto addresses, any potential exchanges that you are using or for your name or anything along those lines.

From time to time we may ask you for your email address, however this is completely optional and will only ever be used for the purpose of us asking you for it, again this is something that you have the option to provide should you wish to receive the benefit or service that its collection requests.

Any instances of email requests are handled carefully and are encrypted to ensure that they are not accessible to any potential threats or attacks on our site, instead they are held externally from our servers, ensuring maximum security is enabled.

Should you decided to provide us with your email address at any point of using our website, we promise that we will make sure that any communications that you have requested are meaningful and not spammy and every single one will provide you with a clear and easy way to unsubscribe from the content that we provide via email to you at the click of a button, no questions asked.

Crypto Caterpillar will never sell, rent or allow any third party website to obtain your information, once we have been entrusted with it, we protect it just like we protect our own.

Terms of Service

When using Crypto Caterpillar we ask that you conform to the following terms of service, allowing you to make use of the website and any content found upon the website in the nature that it is provided.

  • Using our website you understand that any information provided, including opinion content, is for educational purposes only and you should be conducting your own investigation into any information provided before making any investment decisions.
  • The user of the website agrees to treat other users with the respect that they would like to have seen returned to them, including and not excluding anything not listed, within discussions, live streams, or forum style postings. Please keep discussions to the point and refrain from aggressive behaviour.
  • The user will, while using the website, report any issues or technical problems that they may encounter to our team so that we can rectify and provide a better level of service for all of our other readers. This can be done through the contact us page.

Affiliated Content, Ads & Promotions

Crypto Caterpillar operates on funds that are provided by our owners and other contributors that have helped to keep our website running, while we strive to ensure that we provide you with the most up to date content and news, we will from time to time have potentially sponsored or affiliated content which can be located throughout the site.

This style of content will only ever be accepted if we are happy to say that we believe in the service or product and will only cover it once we have experienced the subject matter ourselves, so if we are recommending a crypto exchange, we will have an account and have traded there prior to any sponsored post being published.

We also present a list of articles that are designed to help you to be able to find products and services that will help you within your cryptocurrency journey, whether that be helping you to find the best PC components for mining crypto at home, the best mining rigs or even the best books about crypto investment.

These pieces of content could contain links into retailers that provide you with the opportunity to purchase these items and on doing so we could be provided with a referral fee from them for us pointing you towards their business.

These commissions are not charged to you and will not impact any pricing that you face should you complete these purchases.